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Seizure / Treacle Bears (Single)


With a name that aptly portrays the ensuing sensation which takes hold from the instant the sounds on this double A side single erupt, 8bitbitchslap stake their claims firmly on their target, you.

The London-based artist submerges you in incessant electronics, warping the natural reality around you into waves, frequencies and glorious digital chaos yet calculated down to the last bleep.

The continuous building synth melodies and broken beats of Treacle Bears seem to catapult you further into the depths of night time where dark landscapes await; stretching for miles around. As the intensity charges into explosive periods on this track they are reminiscent of the climatic make-or-break scenes in sci-fi video games. Of course there will be those that are immune to 8bitbitchslap’s charms, but for those with vivid imaginations and a love for technology saturated sounds, this offering will captivate you like a level on said video game that you just cannot complete.

Listen: www.myspace.com/8bitbitchslap