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For Those Who Paved the Way (Single)

Above Them

A few years ago I reviewed Above Them’s first EP for this very webzine, and I believe I referred to them as having a great deal of potential.

Years later and I’m glad to report that the band is fulfilling that potential - in part at least.

For Those Who Paved the Way is a far more coherent and adult record than anything on that first EP. It’s very much the sound of a band that’s growing up and it’s really very good. However…I remember Above Them when they were a band brimming with ideas and energy, that virtually leapt from the speakers despite the rudimentary production and perhaps an ambition that outweighed their ability. Somewhere along the line that raw power has been distilled into something more comfortable, more palatable to a wider audience, slicker and smoother.

It’s not that it’s not good, it’s a great song and I’m happy the boys are doing so well it’s just… I hoped for something really special, what I have here is something that’s just good.

Listen: www.myspace.com/abovethem