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The Beat (Get Up!) & Wait, Is this Love? (Single)


I’m going to admit this right off the bat, I love horns.

A good horn section will do it for me every time, be it old school ska, sixties girl pop, some huge classical pomp or even a Mark Ronson record. There’s just something huge & happy about horns.

Shouty bratty pop punk has taken a bit of a beating recently, unless you count Four Year Strong’s unabashed awesomeness, melodic, bouncy danceable punk has been just awful (It’s OK The Get Up Kids said they were sorry for the monster they created).

First track up on this double A-sided single isn’t going to win any originality awards, but it is fun. Shouty & simple with a fantastic pace that lets up only to kick right back in again.

Second up, Wait, Is This Love? Has “woah-ho’s” & I’m hopeful, when the lyrics kick in I’m less so. The rousing horns following the melody in some places & spiralling off beautifully in others, I can imagine this filling a drunken, heaving, dance floor in any rock club with people having an unabashed sing along, albeit a fairly dumb & easily repeatable one.

As much as I would dance it to it (& it has a good beat) it veers a little too far into The Subways territory on the first track (I truly loathe that band, I don’t even really know why, but man, I really hate them) & You Me At Six on the other, which is a shame, because those horns just kick.

Massive points for singing in an English accent though, but it makes the lack of depth in the lyrics all the more obvious. There’s so much right with both tracks, fantastic arrangements, unexpected changes & build ups, I can’t wait to hear if what else they have to offer excites me a little more & hits enough of my buttons to really run at full steam, it would be straight toward the dance floor.

Listen: www.myspace.com/advantagemusicuk