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The End Never Comes (Single)

After The Ordeal

This young band have already appeared at Download.

Alright, it was on a video screen, but come on - don’t let your lip curl without having given them a listen, at least. . .

. . .OK, I’ve given them a listen. Bright, tight, adequately airbrushed Hollywood rock from the UK. That’s it - if your iTunes library resembles the broadcast schedule for Nickelodeon, you’ll be removing your pants already. Their PR is at pains to describe them as a metal band - they have supported such devil-horn waving lunatics as Gary Numan, Ash and Feeder, so what’s your problem? They fit with latter pair, and I Believe In You has a distinct System Of A Down whiff about it. Unfortunately, there’s as much eau de Attack! Attack! as well, which is a shame.

Listen: www.myspace.com/aftertheordealuk