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Let’s Get Excited (Single)

Alesha Dixon

OK so this single has 2 tracks, the radio mix and the album version, but other than the radio mix being 10 seconds shorter and having a slightly different start I can’t tell the difference, so what was the point?

Anyway the song itself is pure sugary pop and all the sound seems to have been produced in the tinny range. I can only think that this will be so that teenage girls who play it from mobile phones hanging around their necks won’t experience the usual quality loss their annoying habit has on songs.

The song itself is forgettable and I can imagine it appealing to people as a getting ready for a night out tune. Though if it does appeal to the teenage girl market as I said earlier some of the lyrics talk about making men beg for more, which can only be about sex and the reference to an early Madonna song will be completely lost on them too.

Listen: www.myspace.com/aleshadixon