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All Forgotten

All Forgotten are easy to describe, now that’s a double edged sword, on the one hand it means that you the lovely music lover can simply identify if it’s your cup of tea and invest more time in checking the group out or realise it’s not your thing and don’t waste your precious time, however on the flip side it also means that they are easy to pigeonhole, not very diverse and possibly sound too much like their peers.

A fine line indeed.

Here we go then, are you ready...

All Forgotten are the English version of Saosin.

With a mix of pummelling, slick drums, weighty riffs, soaring vocals with the occasional scream there’s no doubting where All Forgotten’s influences lie. If Saosin had carried on making good music with the progression as follows “Translating The Name” (EP - 2003), “Saosin” (Album - 2006), “Transitions” (EP - 2009) then I think all their fans would have been very happy bunnies instead of the turgid and lifeless offering of “In Search of Solid Ground” (Album - 2009) that did appear. Basically Saosin started the race and have now dropped out and passed the baton onto the likes of All Forgotten to charge ahead.

The production by Matty O’Grady (You Me At Six, The Blackout, Furthest Drive Home, Architects) is absolutely spot on and a perfect fit for All Forgotten’s style of music. All the individual elements mesh together succinctly, each lending a hand to one another to create the best possible overall sound. All five tracks on the EP are in a similar vein, huge choruses, chunky guitars, punishing drums - they’re all very good in my opinion and luckily although Jonathan Thorne owes much to the likes of Anthony Green his vocals are very much on the right side of the Atlantic ocean and don’t ape those that have gone before him.

This being self-released is even more impressive as the quality rivals any mainstream release, and given a good push I can see the likes of Kerrang, NME, Big Cheese, Rock Sound etc championing this band, with good reason.

Basically if you like Saosin, Secret and Whisper, Circa Survive, Conditions etc then you will massively lap up All Forgotten. The question to ask going forward though is, is that enough? Is it enough to just sound very similar to your peers, albeit writing very good songs? One to ponder.

Listen: www.myspace.com/allforgotten