Die Shellsuit, Die!

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Birmingham Academy 2 - Thursday 12th June 2008


Tonight’s sold out gig was another instalment from the ‘Wonky Pop’ family, who celebrate “all that is warped and pleasingly eccentric in modern pop music”.

Suitably support came from London based foursome The Clik Clik; who mix the best bits of pop, indie, electro and hip-hop to create their infectious, keyboard heavy sound that is laden with danceable beats. Although lacking in polish live they do show promise and went down a treat, so are definitely worth checking out (www.myspace.com/theclikclik).

In contrast headliners Alphabeat glisten with polish! Singers Stine and Anders are the perfect combination; Stine is refined and glamorous, all shoulder shimmies and pop glitter, whilst Anders is an animated flurry of flailing limbs and endearingly enthusiastic banter.

Singles ‘Fascination’ and ’10,000 Nights’ went down a storm, but so did songs from their recently released debut album ‘This Is Alphabeat’ and the audience were already singing every word to tweaked live versions of tracks ‘Boyfriend’ and ‘Fantastic Six’. Highlights included ‘Touch Me Touching You’; a contagious, fast-paced, pop masterpiece that instantly had the crowd dancing and a cover of Sugababes hit ‘Push The Button’, an unexpected sweet treat! Thank you Alphabeat!

Listen: www.myspace.com/thisisalphabeat