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55 Cadillac

Andrew W.K.

Guess what, this is Andrew WK’s 5th album?

I’m not sure why I find that so hard to believe; perhaps because when I first heard Andrew WK I thought he would be little more than the next hype act - but then essentially, he was wasn’t he…?

Since 2001 Andrew WK has been best known for this energetic, high octane and brutal live performances. As well as supplying the soundtrack for many a ‘Frat’ party and the numerous home made jackass rip-offs.

Now, believe it or not but this album is comprised of eight ‘spontaneous solo piano improvisations’, recorded in 2 hours - on reading this, I have to say I wasn’t blown away, or even remotely interested in listening. If I wanted piano improve I’d go to a Jazz bar, but with Andrew WK I expect carnage. However on listening it is quite clear that the man has a talent, in abundance. I later learned that he has been playing since the age of 4 and, fundamentally all his musical output equates back to this learning.

Despite the spontaneous nature of the album, there is clearly a lot of inherent know how and ability in terms of structure and texture; with ‘Cut Copy’ and ‘5’ being my particular stand out tracks. The record is based on the concept of driving, hence the title and features engine noises sporadically, which despite sounding annoying actually portrays a remarkable sense of relentlessness and motion.

The album itself is named after a 55 Cadillac, which Andrew WK bought. He later realised that the car had belonged to one Dean Acheson; known to some as the ‘architect of the Cold War’ - Mr WK goes on to say that the car was haunted and became the inspiration for the record.


The album, though not really Andrew WK enough to be a timeless Andrew WK album, and also not really competent enough to be considered a contender for a classical masterpiece; is however very satisfying indeed. And despite its indulgencies is on the whole quite rewarding. Still a bit weird.

Listen: www.myspace.com/andrewwk