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Signs and Wonders (Single)

Animal Kingdom

If you like the idea of the Flaming Lips (especially those animal costumes - they’re so cute!

) but find the actual band and their music a bit, well, weird - Animal Kingdom are the band for you. They are Coyne and co. devoid of any personality whatsoever. If you found yourself humming ‘no-one’s gonna love you more than I do. . .’ last year but took the Band of Horses CD back to Sainsbury’s to exchange for a bottle of that lovely Argentinean Merlot Harriet recommended because the band looked a bit smelly - Animal Kingdom are the band for you. They sound as if they’re no strangers to chemical peels and moisturising masques. Signs and Wonders is Randy Newman singing with Coldplay, so if that doesn’t have you screaming for a memory wipe, then come on in. It’s health and safety approved, like those fabulous Ikea chairs. And so reasonable!

Listen: www.myspace.com/weareanimalkingdom