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You know how black metal bands sometimes use ridiculous titles for their band members?

Suddenly a guitarist becomes a ‘Reaper of 6-string Oblivion’, or the drummer now ‘Pounds upon flayed and stretched human skin’. Well, it seems that this practice is no longer the sole preserve of theatrical cod-Satanists, as Annabel’s Scotty Moses plays the brilliantly titled ‘Thunder Bass’. But, just like in black metal, it seems a bit redundant, as it seems the storm is still quite a way off on the horizon.

In reality, Annabel are only occasionally thunderous, with sporadic forays into post-rock territory, sometimes at the overdriven, cathartic end of the scale, but mainly it’s reminiscent of the more restrained, melodic sections of someone like Explosions In The Sky (sorry, but it was an obvious choice for reference). The majority of the songs are still full of lush guitar tones and twinkling keyboards, but it’s at a more relaxed pace, like a stripped down Arcade Fire. (The choir-like backing vocals on ‘As it Happened’ in particular sound like an out-take from ‘Funeral’). Some of the lead vocals are a bit strained, weirdly reminding me of Tom DeLonge, but fortunately it’s a hell of a lot better than Angels & Airwaves.

If you’ve got a big beard and flannel shirt but think that indie is a bit too twee, or if the excessive volume of post-rock scares the tight jeans off of you, this may be the ideal starting point for you to deal with your fears.

Listen: www.myspace.com/annabelrock