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Here we have Prog Rock in the post-BritPop era.

It’s a bit of a wilderness, obviously, but this Surrey quartet make a good fist of things. If only they could decide whether they want to be Muse, Yes or Bloc Party - the combination of the three on show here is odd, to say the least. Opener 7844 shouts and punk-pops itself into fuzzed-up angles but the following Surprises. . . does just that, with wafting vocal harmonies from topographic oceans over more sharp guitars. Cracks booms and riffs matters up into Bellamy territory (sans falsetto, you may be relieved to hear), whilst Safe Hands returns us to the bosom of Yes once more.

As the tumbleweeds roll by, Arcs fashion commendable art from the flotsam around them. Whether anyone will buy it remains to be seen.

Listen: www.myspace.com/arcstheband