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Author: Oliver Turner.

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Being one of the longest running underground labels and having a roster that takes in many of the bands that shaped the current state of the hardcore scene, Victory were one of my favourite labels back in the day. I loved Earth Crisis, Integrity, Bloodlet, Strife, Buried Alive and Grade. Sadly I started to lose interest in the label once the current influx of screamo-esque bands made an appearance. And to be honest it has not really changed. This being the winter sampler for a few of their new releases and what’s currently hot and shifting units for the label. Nowadays they have a much lighter roster than of old. With the exception of a few bands (Between The Buried And Me, Bury Your Dead, Darkest Hour...), who never seem to make it onto these comps anyway, the label has spent a lot of money breaking into a younger audience.

What’s the comp like then Oliver? Well, it’s ten tracks from their biggest sellers at the moment. Popular goth muppets Aiden are on here, screamo darlings Silverstien, Spitalfield and The Audition show why they shift units with their identical warblings. The few exceptions being the ex-Grade indie musings of The Black Maria and a demo track from the heaviest band on the CD, A Day To Remember with their more HC sounding bluster.

Once again, it’s a comp, good for parties and DJ’s. I like the label, just not too many of the bands.



1. The Sleeping – Loud And Clear
2. Spitalfield – Secrets In Mirrors
3. Silverstien – My Heroine
4. Endwell – Single And loving it
5. Four Letter Lie – Feel Like Fame
6. Theaudition – Don’t Be So Hard
7. Moros Eros – Today Is the Day
8. The Black Maria – Waking Up With Wolves
9. Aiden – We Sleep Forever
10. A Day To Remember – The plot To Bomb The Panhandle

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