You, Me, And Everyone We Know  "Party For The Grown And Sexy"

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Author: James Davison.

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You, Me, And Everyone We Know are one of the funniest, most cheery, cheekily upbeat, smile inducing, rock-out-tastic fun poppy melodic pop-punk bands out there right now. Ever. They’re not original, they’re fun. They don’t make you think, they make you rock out with a beaming smile and put the pleasure into music that’s needed with so many ‘serious’ bands out there. It’s all about having a good time and You, Me, And Everyone We Know provide the soundtrack for this.

If you took a MASSIVE spoonful of Max Bemis’ Say Anything and blended it precisely with Panic! At The Disco you would have the sexy offspring of You, Me, And Everyone We Know.

Each song is worthy of writing about but I’ll start with “Do It Again (You’re Not Making Me Want To Touch You)” that has start vocals ala Brendon Urie and then has gang vocals that could have been lifted from Say Anything’s “…Is A Real Boy” album but for the simple reason of FUN it works perfectly. And boy oh boy when the band sings, “Shut up and dance” after 1:45 and come in with a high hat cymbal roll it really makes you dance. They say dance, you dance. Totally seamlessly mixed with the following track “The Press War” the whole EP/Mini-album “Party For The Grown And Sexy” is brilliant from start to finish.

I would easily put them up with the likes of Fall Out Boy in terms of quality. So if you like Panic!, FOB, Say Anything and bands of a similar ilk you need this band in your life.

“The Rent Is Due” has the wonderful lyrics of “so make it a point to say you miss me, tell all of your friends of the boy from which your accent comes” that really make you sing the words back at these chaps. Are you getting the point that this is a must buy yet?

If you have any inkling of love for happy, fun, upbeat pop-punk then you need to own this. It’s that simple. I expect huge things from these guys, if it doesn’t happen then the world has gone barmy.



1. I’d Be More Interested If You Were Already Spoken For…
2. Do It Again (You’re Not Making Me Want To Touch You)
3. The Press War
4. …Because I Spit Hot Fire
5. The Rent Is Due
6. Carolina Heat

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