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Author: Will Slater.

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It took me a while of listening to (And, indeed enjoying) this record before I could put my finger on precisely what it reminds me of. Then, like a bolt of divine inspiration it hit me. Zapoteks sound an awful lot like The Buzzcocks would do if they were young and vital now.

Now, before you think “oh, this guy hated the Buzzcocks album the other week” and write this off, think again. The Buzzcocks were, in their heyday a great band. And it’s that youthful vigour that Zapoteks capture most efficiently.

Oh it’s not perfect - whilst there are gems, some of the songs veer a little too close to being twee, and the band are definitely at their best when they steer a little away from the overly poppy influences and even manage to sound just a tiny bit like Fake Problems in places.

Easily worth a listen, despite its flaws this has become that rare beast - a review album that I actually go back to out of choice.



1. Radio Maryja
2. 15 Ta Life
3. Drive-By Love
4. Don’t Let The Night Let You Down
5. Picture Postcards
6. Daily Mail
7. Jumble Sale
8. I Don’t Want The Airwaves
9. 747
10. Courtyard Blues
11. Culture Of Control
12. Song For Nina Simone
13. Ship To Go Down With
14. Death And The Hobo

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