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A-Z Vol. 1


So they are doing this whole thing, right.

It’s like 26 singles yeah, it’s because like, the album is a dying medium, right, so, like, this is JUST singles. It’s like a reinvention of the concept album as concept singles.

It’s also not bad, bordering on interesting. Ash have always been good pop song writers with fairly interesting lyrics & that’s what this is full of, 13 well written songs that all sound slightly like another song.

There’s a little bit of Erasure, a bit of Elton John (Tiny dancer era), a bit of Foo Fighters/QOTSA even a Belle & Sebastian moment. This variety is great on the production side of things, but all the choruses sound a little alike.

It’s all very nice, but I miss the Irish punk upstarts so inherent on mini-album Trailer, growing up doesn’t mean middle of the road guys. Every track is perfectly fine & gets the job done, but I want a little more from my music than that.

Also please stop singing in an American accent. It’s incredibly annoying.

Listen: www.myspace.com/ash