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Return of the White Rabbit (Single)


The music business can be tired formula, Physical media is at an all time low, now is the time to evolve or die, Ash clearly have their hearts set on bucking the system and doing things just that little bit different.

So in a nutshell Ash are releasing 26 singles (this is not a typo) under a subscription based download service labelled ’A-Z series’, of which; ’Return of the White Rabbit’ is A. Certainly a brave and bold move, the outlandish nature of such a stunt could pay off in a time where they’re not quite darlings of the media they once were. The other side of the coin however is that this could fall flat on it’s face and 26 singles could have been used in vain, but life is all about risks and taking them, and you have to commend the daring originality.

So as interesting as this concept is I’m supposed to be reviewing the first single, ’Return of the White Rabbit’. Ash have certainly came along way since Girl from Mars and the song shows an obvious maturity to it, the 90’s are over and unlike some bands, Ash have grown with the times. Penned by bassist Mark Hamilton which explains the lack of huge chorus which is usually standard affair with the average Tim Wheeler track, but not every single has to have a huge chorus and then the predictable key change, despite what Simon Cowell might think.

Some interesting ideas have been thrown at the track, subtle touches of synth and electro drums, not to mention the filthy bass effect and steady groove. This is certainly a different Ash and personally, I absolutely love the electro toms mixed into the standard kit, it sounds like it would be abysmal but trust me, it works.

By no means is this Ash’s strongest ever single; far from it, but it’s different in an age where they need to be different. Ash have progressed, matured and evolved into a fresh act who appear all brand new again, and with these original ideas you can really tell that care about changing the systematised routine nature of the industry, I personally hope for Ash that it pays off.

Listen: www.myspace.com/ash