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Dark City (Single)

Attica Rage

Depending on how good this band’s management are, I fully expect them to be touring with Anvil in the not too distant future.

Make of that what you will.

Dark City slots in well with the retro-thrash that is in vogue at the moment, but judging from the look of these guys, I don’t think they’ve had to scour the past for inspiration, but just keep on with what they were doing. The production is a bit raw, leading to quite a bit of drum echo, and they could have done with downtuning just a smidgen less, but the switching between head-down thrashing and slower melodic sections at least shows a willingness to spread their wings a little. Overall, it sounds a bit like a lost Machine Head number, especially when we get to the middle eight breakdown and guitar solo (though like I said, the production suggests it might be a demo).

As for Overkill, you obviously can’t fault the tune, or the production for that matter, as it sounds a lot cleaner than Dark City. As for whether Attica Rage have managed to take it and make it their own, it’s possible that this version is even more frantic than the original. And god bless the drummer for keeping up the double speed bass-drum rhythm almost constantly throughout. Two false endings stretching the tune out to over five minutes is still unnecessary though (No, I’m not going to do the obvious pun on the song title. That would be silly).

Listen: www.myspace.com/atticarage