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Balance and Composure

The four tracks on offer here suggest a far more mature band than one would imagine from a bunch of teenagers - Balance and Composure’s average age is only 19.

Often what young bands lack in maturity and songwriting skill (and indeed balance and composure!) they make up for with passion and enthusiasm. Well, Balance and Composure lack nothing in passion or enthusiasm, but they also have a nous that’s all too rare nowadays. They seem aware that not every song has to be played at a million miles an hour or be chock filled with complex riffs and that sometimes allowing a song room to breathe allows the more pensive, gentle moments to shine through, and the moments of fury and thunder an even greater impact.

Balance and Composure’s passion and songwriting ability is tempered further with the cockiness of youth, which luckily is more than vindicated by their musical ability. If ever there were a band I wanted to hear a full length album by - this is it. Powerful, insightful punk rock with hints of Small Brown Bike, Small Arms Dealer and a tiny bit of Planes Mistaken for Stars.

Listen: www.myspace.com/balanceandcomposure