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Rockin’ At The Disco (Single)


We were all thinking it.

What British pop music really needs right now is its own Basshunter. Well look no further than Bandito, aka Russell Graham of Glasgow and formerly of Simon Cowell-backed boyband Pacific Avenue. He’s even signed to the same label as Basshunter and everything.

‘Rockin’ At The Disco’ is destined for cheesy school disco and student nights, with its boisterous happy house and tacky fake Ibiza vibes and uninventive four-to-the-floor beat. It even spells out ‘disco’, like one hit wonders Ottawan’s 1980 single ‘D.I.S.C.O.’ did. Everything about ‘Rockin’ At The Disco’ is so obvious and so been done before that it makes Pacific Avenue sound like Black Flag.

Listening to Bandito it’s as if any of the innovators in dance music for the last decade or so, from Daft Punk to the Hyperdub roster, never happened. And no matter how upbeat Bandito is, that’s depressing.

Listen: www.myspace.com/banitoonline