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Barricades Rise

Firstly what a lovely well prepared press pack, I was going to play Xbox but it made me want to do this instead, so … y’know that’s a good start.

Barricades Rise are a two piece acoustic band from the mean streets of Nunizzle and are bloody good throughout this whole album. It musically sits somewhere within the realms of Elbow and Turin Breaks but stands out from them on its own merits. The vocals are both piercing and soft at the same time and whilst at a low level are never drowned out by the music. The music has an edge that straight away will grab your attention and since normally their peers are used as background music for everyday tasks this is something you can’t do with Barricades Rise as you end up being drawn back to them and dropping tea in your lap which hurts, so don’t do that.

There is an intense rawness about the sound that borders it onto at times a post rock sound with a real edge to it.

All in all a fine attempt for a debut album which didn’t leave my iPod for quite a while.

Listen: www.myspace.com/barricadesrise