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Ichor! Ichor!

Bastard Of The Skies

It’s a shame it’s taken Bastard of The Skies nearly two years to get a stable line-up.

It’s a shame because this album may have happened sooner. Which would have meant, this noisy lot from Lancashire, would be onto the next step. You see, “Ichor! Ichor!” acts as a really good example of the bands influences and how those have shaped the sound. They take the dense sludgy examples set out by Grief and The Melvins, add some of Baroness’s technical finesse and then wrap it all up in some claustrophobic Am-Rep worship. They then proceed to batter these influences around your head with the occasional lull to let more subdued moments such as the intro to “Splendour! Splendour!”. It’s almost soothing (in the context of dirty, massive sounding metal); almost delicate as it pulls back a bit before beginning its sludgy build up back into heavier pastures.

Certainly worthy of checking out if any of those names have picked your interest or just after something heavy. Plus if for nothing else than the second track’s Robocop reference.

Listen: www.myspace.com/bastardoftheskies