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Sleep Alone / Moon and Moon (Single)

Bat For Lashes

Beauty and the Beast seems to be the best analogy for this Bat for Lashes double A side.

Both tracks return the listener to Natasha Khan’s mystical faerie land, her ethereal vocals weaving images of gothic romance. Contrast the pounding sea shanty of Sleep Alone with the vulnerable ballad of Moon and Moon and this effect is further heightened, the tracks start to feel less like Pop music and more like Folk campfire story telling. Here lies the problem.

Sleep Alone/Moon and Moon feel, even on first listen, unfinished, like reading only chapter 2 of a novel. Pulled from Khan’s second Album Two Suns, Sleep Alone and Moon and Moon are just a section of a much larger story, taking the tracks out of the context feels almost brutal. This leaves the highlight moments of the tracks feeling isolated; Sleep Alone in particular falls just shy of being a highly danceable, if unusual, Pop song as it fails to progress anywhere.

If Melodramatic, Electronica infused Folk storytelling is your thing then delve into Khan’s new album Two Suns and leave Sleep Alone and Moon and Moon where they should be; in the album.

Listen: www.myspace.com/batforlashes