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Duck Hunt EP (inc Boris Werner and Ali Nasser Remixes)


(This review attempted in the style of J.D Salinger’s ‘Catcher In The Rye’.

The author would like to express his sincere apologies to all parties involved.)

I could tell you about my childhood and how my parents didn’t let me listen to any dance music or anything like that, but that would be a lie and I don’t want to bore you with that crumby David Copperfield /’It’s All Gone Pete Tong’ crap anyway.

Anyway since they released ‘The Rouen EP’ on Supernature label in 2008 the Bearweasel duo, Dean Muhsin and Louisa Page, have been doing some goddamn thing or the other.
Their new EP is entitled the ‘Duck Hunt EP’, featuring three original cuts and two remixes. Pretty phoney if you ask me but you probably wouldn’t anyway.

The first track is” Where’s Ratty”.

Who the hell is Ratty and how the hell should I know any how?

So there’s all these Watery beats mixed with wood block claps, this whole repetitive club sound, like some goddamn song from some corny goddamn cop movie that I don’t ever want to see. Meanwhile some prince keeps saying, “Let’s go outside and play”. Go outside and play my ass. I’ve never been one for sports nor pruning that phoney Sally Hayes’ goddamn Christmas tree for that matter. Alright, this track does have a Retro sound, bringing some of that 90’s charm back; I’ll admit that, something like 2 Unlimited, with effects treated vocals bouncing all over the show and jazzy synth fill dripping off the walls. Still, I don’t know where this goddamn Ratty is hiding at.

“Busy” straight off has some real pervy kind of Gay bar beat along with more of those goddamn wood blocks. Some good ol’ warpy bass eventually kicks in and some real crazy egg shakers appear during the breakdown before popping right into some Hip Hop beats. It’s not showy or nothing like that, I can’t stand tracks that try and be real showy, letting you now how flashy their beats can be, like Fatboy Slim. That kind of phoniness just drives me crazy, it really does.

No, “Busy” is alright.

“Superhero” has this crazy kind of tribal drum beats; the sound being almost hollow and then mixing with all this high hat business. Then it’s all broken beats, with almost Dub bass and it sounds like old’ Jimmy Brown is sailing high as a kite on drugs or whiskey or whatever and I just can’t stand it.

The goddamn remixes make it all a bit more goddamn interesting and I’ll admit I listened to it a few times and kind of liked it. I’m crazy like that, I am really am, I’ll bitch and moan about some guy’s record and then go back and listen to it all over. Best piece of advice is don’t starting telling anyone about anything, especially if it’s Bearweasel’s new EP, unless you want to be going on about it for about hundred years.

Listen: www.myspace.com/bearweaselaudio