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That Golden Rule (Single)

Biffy Clyro

I have to be honest; I am quite proud and smug to be one of those people who can bleat on about how I liked Biffy Clyro years ago.

You know, before everyone else did. However, I am not one of those people who also whine because they’ve ‘gone commercial’ and selfishly got famous. But why, they’re really good? Admittedly, there were aspects of ‘Puzzle’ that were samey, and regrettably even a bit predictable. However it was, without a doubt their most complete album to date and without question, lyrically their strongest. Mountains; the last stand alone single, was also excellent and built perfectly on what was accomplished with Puzzle. The thing is ‘Biffy Clyro have not gone commercial, its just people have at last caught up with a band who’ve have consistently worked hard and created good music.

As for new single ‘That Golden Rule’ (which I’m pretty sure is a reference to the Wire); I keep hearing people calling it a ‘return to form’ which I, personally disagree with. Agreed, there are echoes of the ‘blackened sky’ era. But equally, the ‘math-orchestra’ parts are very neu-Biffy indeed. All this aside, it’s a great song - it really is: rasping, intense and actually quite addictive.

Biffy are on tour in November and I’ve just heard they’ll be supported by the incredible Pulled apart by Horses.

Good work.

Listen: www.myspace.com/biffyclyro