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The Captain (Single)

Biffy Clyro

‘The Captain’ is the perfect response to all the personal turbulence (the death of singer/guitarist Simon Neil’s mother) that led to Biffy Clyro’s last album ‘Puzzle’, and the spiralling success that followed, culminating in supporting The Who, The Rolling Stones and Muse at their Wembley Stadium bombastathon.

Much better than the ‘epic’ dullness of ‘Mountains’, ‘The Captain’ is weird, poppy and upbeat - but not incapable of beating you up.

Like previous single ‘That Golden Rule’, ‘The Captain’ a Grohl-influenced math-rock riot, but with added horns that are raging and euphoric. Lyrically, Neil sounds like he’s in a much more positive place than during ‘Puzzle’: “I’m in control, I am the son of God”; “we’re gonna have a ball”; and the closing refrain of “let’s lock death away.” Bring in the chant-along “somebody help me sing!” chorus and ‘The Captain’ surpasses even ‘57’ and ‘Questions And Answers’ for sheer fist and heart pumping rock joy. If Biffy keeps this up for the whole of new album ‘Only Revolutions’ then they’ll really blow us away.

Listen: www.myspace.com/biffyclyro