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Rusted From The Rain (Single)

Billy Talent

Billy Talent are surely a band with one of the most recognizable sounds on the planet.

This is catalysed in no small part by Ben Kowalewicz’s unique singing voice which, granted, took me a while to appreciate when I first heard their debut self-titled effort, but the sheer quality of their songs paved the way, and it’s just so damned refreshing to hear something a little different surfacing from the turbid vat of ooze that is the majority of modern rock music.

They’ve certainly got their signature sound nailed down, and I have to admit I helplessly fall for it every time. Latest single ’Rusted From The Rain’ is noticeably slower than a lot of their older material, and the bands’ growth and maturity shines through like a beam of sunlight through a storm cloud. I don’t know whether the timing of this release is a coincidence, but the song also has a strong autumnal feel to it, with the artwork giving off a similar vibe. All the usual Billy Talent-isms are of course present and accounted for: a stand-out bassline, well written lyrics and hooks-a-plenty culminating in a powerful chorus, showing us that their song writing skills are still going from strength to strength.

Effortlessly infectious and bursting with honesty, Billy Talent continue to impress me and every time I turn my back, they reel me right back in.

Listen: www.myspace.com/billytalent