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The Tuns, Coventry - 05.06.2008

Birds Of Avalon

This gig was supposed to be taking place at another venue in Coventry and when I found out that the promoter who had booked them had not only not told his staff, he wasn’t even in the country!

So after some running around I found a gig for them to play, as I really wanted to see them.

So with the gig sorted I thought that would be the last issue of the night, it wasn’t but that doesn’t happen yet, first we have to talk about Inigma Tones. As me and a few friends of mine were watching this band we were wondering what exactly were they trying to do. It was nice to listen to music that’s for sure. At best this band is Pub Rock and when they played their last song, much to their drunken friends delight the lead singer was doing his best Peter Kay impression!

Now this is when the next issue came up, Birds of Avalon were supposed to be on but Spuff had other ideas as one of their number had an exam in the morning! So BOA graciously let them go on and they were good for their age. That said the speed on many of the songs changed quite dramatically through out and whilst they were much better than the first band they still need to do a lot of work. They did have some very catchy if not exactly original riffs, which made up for their timing problems.

Finally then I get to see Birds Of Avalon on stage and I certainly was not disappointed. For a band that had been through so much in the last couple of hours they were extremely professional and entertaining. Playing such great songs as Bicentennial Baby and Horse Called Dust plus new songs from their forthcoming EP including Measure of the Same.

This is one awesome band to behold as they rock out on stage with their psychedelic/progressive style, it was just unfortunate that by this time there were only ten people watching. But when they finished with Lost Pages From The Robot Repair Manual it was the perfect end to a flawless gig.

I should also point out that the staff from the Tuns including owner Tony were superb for not only letting BOA play but also for the way they treated them with such respect before and after the gig. Plus the band signed my copy of the album and the new EP that I will be reviewing shortly.

Listen: www.myspace.com/birdsofavalon