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Technical Ecstasy (Remastered)

Black Sabbath

It may start relatively promisingly but this album was another big sign that the glory days of the original Sabbath line-up were over.

The dark slabs of doom were being steadily broken in favour of bloated compositions seemingly aimed at some horrorshow Beatles or Queen musical. Check out It’s Alright, where Bill Ward emerges from behind the drums to make a good lead vocal fist on what should really be on some godforsaken Brian May solo album somewhere. Guns n’ Roses used to cover it. You remember them - they were the band who did such a fabulous version of Live And Let Die.

Elsewhere, from Gypsy onwards, we have the beginnings of Tony Iommi seemingly recording himself from the bottom of a tin well. This is something which the remastering has singularly failed to do anything about, which is a great pity but not unexpected. There is a touch more beef but really the songwriting and sound is as thin as it ever was. Indeed, at its worst it seems as if the band are a proto-Motley Crue. Nobody wants that.

Listen: www.black-sabbath.com