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The Best of Black Sabbath

Black Sabbath

If you are one of the two or three people in the world not to be aware of Black Sabbath, then this is as good a starting place as any - particularly if you find the notion of illegal downloads a bit, well, illegal.

It’s choice cuts from the Ozzy era, mostly from the first two albums, and they sound as vital as ever. Influential is an understatement, obviously, when you’re talking about the likes of; War Pigs, Sweet Leaf, Paranoid, Iron Man et. al. Nice to see The Wizard make the cut, too. I would have chopped Evil Woman for Hand of Doom, but hey ho.

However, the success of Heaven and Hell recently shows that there’s more to Sabbath than having the naked, bathplug-wearing Prince of Darkness as their singer. The lack of any Dio-era (or, indeed, any other era) material makes a cash-in mockery of the collection as a whole. But it’s still Sabbath, so musically - you simply cannot go wrong.

Listen: www.black-sabbath.com