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The Worthing Song (Single)


I am intrigued by the naming of this second single from Bleech (a misspelled homage to Nirvana?

Actually that would be a fitting review in itself) mostly because the titular sea-side retirement town is the place I call home and I’m struggling to find any similarities between ‘Gods waiting room’ and the formulaic, risk free pule that Bleech flog. Scratch that, I can definitely see the similarities now between that which is depressingly generic, brimming with clichés, a faux middle class pikey’s wet dream and Worthing.

Bleech write edgeless rock that sits somewhere between Nirvana, The Vines and the cutting room floor of Cave In’s Antennas album. How fitting then that the have been hailed as Lauren Laverne’s ‘new favourite band’ which, I’ve been told, is an accolade. B side Mondays displays the typically empty false discernment that has been a cornerstone of the mill that is modern British Indie for far too long. “I’m happy when I’m sad” a lyric flecked with self worth, that a certain Mr Wilde (former inhabitant of side A’s weed town) would no doubt balk at. Although another Worthing bred band (The Ordinary Boys) would probably lap it up like the fame hungry whores they are.

A little incendiary? Perhaps. Jealous? It sounds like it. Tired of this musical Groundhog Day? Certainly. Hopefully Bleech’s “gutsy live performances” will drag their heads above the waterline, for their sake.

Listen: http://www.myspace.com/bleech