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Boe Weaver

Boe Weaver

Well, this is a bit of a time machine.

To the Sixties, Batman and don’t step on my cape! I’m sorry, you can’t come in, your costume is monochrome and your face doesn’t fit your head, if you get me. Try some of these, though, and come back in about an hour. You can enter via the skylight, it’s always open. What? I can’t hear you, the band are a bit loud! What? Oh, yes, I can see the giant animal masks. What? No, I don’t think they’re doing a Flaming Lips. . .Yes, I really can see the masks. . . yes, even the Giant Panda. . . In about an hour, yes. Don’t worry yourself.

Look, why don’t you sit down and listen to this track Monster Maker, it’s really quite good. Morricone with a MC5 riff. . .I know, interesting mix, eh? They’re doing something called The Electric Man, now. What? Who is he? I dunno. Hendrix? Link Wray? Eh? What’s that? Poison Ivy? Ha! What a though and - woah! . . .Sorry, the masks just disappeared for a second, there and. . .no, no, I’m fine. What? Yeah, about an hour ago. Why?

Listen: www.myspace.com/boeweaver