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My Wena (Single)

Bowling For Soup

Usually hard work brings maturity, but not in the case of Texan pop-punkers Bowling For Soup.

Their forthcoming album ’Sorry For Partyin’’ will be their tenth and they return to these shores next month with their infectious live show. Preceding this is the release of ’My Wena’ on September 28th.

You can probably tell from the title, artwork and band involved (remember the inflatable sheep stage props?) that this isn’t going to be a cerebral affair, but even for Bowling For Soup this is silly. The double entendres flow thick and fast, possibly a side effect of touring with the Bloodhound Gang, comparing a girlfriend (who for some reason is happy to shorten her name to Wena) to a penis, with frankly hilarious results (’She’s only happy when I’m holding her tight’ etc)

The song is typical Bowling For Soup with Jaret’s trademark squeak and more bounce than a trampoline. Save for the subject content there’s nothing here that the band hasn’t done before, but why change a winning formula? With nine albums already in the bag, they’re clearly doing something right.

This will divide people into two, those who laugh at dick jokes and those who don’t. Those in the latter half will hate this record, the rest, myself included, will face some uncomfortable moments when they start singing about their wena in public! This is a welcome return to the charts from one of the best loved of America’s punk imports, here’s hoping for another ten albums!

Listen: www.myspace.com/bowlingforsoup