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‘Alternative Grunge Jazz’, anyone?

No? Zappa? Claypool? Bilge Pump? I quite understand. Such improvisational potential-car-crash music really needs to be heard live, as recordings of it tend to leave the listener feeling as though they’ve wandered into an extended rehearsal. That said, Leeds’ Broohaha clatter the pans very well, riffs are large, beats are strong and there are enough stops and starts to give any X-Factor viewer Parkinson’s Disease. The vocals or samples are nigh-on inaudible (Thunderbone seems to be about ‘80s cartoon hairballs Thundercats, for example, although it’s quite hard to tell) but it doesn’t detract too much from the overall odyssey. They’re still following a road well-travelled but could stumble upon a path no-one’s spotted before, probably leading to a house on a hill, seemingly abandoned. . .

Listen: www.myspace.com/broohahauk