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You’re So Good, Good, Good You’re Great (Single)

Buck Brothers

Standard nu-school punk (I hope I haven’t just coined another genre, there), your appreciation of Buck Brothers may jump or hump on the strength of the vocal herein.

Whilst musically a lime-Green Day or an airbrushed Buzzcocks, vocally we have someone who may have been in a jangly indie band before losing interest and ripping their jeans a bit. There’s a Gedge dryness to the delivery and the lyrical stabs at the privileged, too, but things are coated with a light sheen of whine which could grate. Thankfully, though, with a tune clocking in at ten seconds shy of three minutes, there’s not much time to get annoyed. It’s good but it’s not the one. Yet.

Listen: www.myspace.com/buckbrothers