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Motorcade of Generosity


A remastered release of their 1994 debut, Motorcade of Generosity sees Cake - sorry, CAKE - do the necessary and wave goodbye to major-labelhood (Columbia, in their case) before the release of next-album-proper later this year.

Proudly eschewing genres, the band occupy a space all their own - although fans of fellow well-read freaks Barenaked Ladies, King Missile and the Tragically Hip should find much to enjoy. Leader John McRea spins a merry, sarcastic lyric or several, while the band play ‘deceptively gentle’ to a tee - particularly on Satanist hoe-down Pentagram (‘Your feet are dry from the ashes of dead babies. . .’ McRea croons, as the Good Ol’ Boys twangle in the background). Witty, talented, imaginative, though-provoking music, in other words. It’s no wonder the British music ‘scene’ hasn’t registered their existence.

Listen: www.myspace.com/cake