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Ready For The Weekend (Single)

Calvin Harris

Scotland’s very own Calvin Harris recently released his second full length album (after apparently losing it at an airport) and his latest single happens to be the title track from this follow up.

Harris has repeatedly spoken of his affection for the eighties (including his top ten single “Acceptable in the 80s” from his debut) but “Ready For The Weekend” seems to go just a little bit too far.

The main theme is a weird hybrid form of disco pop, brimming with retro casio synths, electric drums and campy, semi-lisped and occasional vocodered vocals, with lyrics about getting ready for a few days of indulgence before Monday inevitable rolls around,

“I’m gonna buy shoes and I’m ready for the weekend”

The chorus vocals have a real diva like quality to them, being contributed by guest session singer Mary Pearce, yet despite the depth she brings the overall product sounds like the Venga Boys sounds clashed with Queen on a bad day; not so much of a club song, unless you’re referring to a gay bar in the mid 1980’s.

The vibe of the song conjures horrific mental images; David Dickinson is golden hot pants and high heels shaking his flabby orange ass in a New York swinger’s bar. More disco than disco, the results are a mirror balled tinted nightmare.

Yet the b-side remix by Welsh drum and bass DJ High Contrast is a more palatable with a much harder edge , both slamming and brooding and ready for the dance floor of a d’n’b night near you, not a gay bar in the mid 1980’s.

Listen: www.myspace.com/calvinharris