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The Terrorist / Merrow Song

Captain Dangerous

This is it, the very first in a seemingly rare occasion that I literally can’t think of a single negative thing to say.

Simply and unprofessionally put, Captain Dangerous are awesome.

This wasn’t what I was expecting though, the CD arrived like all the others and besides the great name (a breath of fresh air considering the last review I wrote was from a band with the most generic and cliché name possible) nothing really struck me. Perhaps this helped slightly I mean, I was vaguely interested until the music won me over proving it’s unquestionable strength and great ability to leave an outstanding first impression.

So instead of me fawning over my experience (although that’s kind of the point of a review) maybe I should tell you a little about the tracks and let me make this point right now, the two tracks are completely different yet strangely familiar, perfect for showcasing variety in material yet not sounding like a ’Now That’s What I Call Music’ compilation.

The Terrorist kicks off the CD with an eclectic range of sounds all put together in a charming ramshackle kinda way, it’s unique enough to stand out but never loses direction, at heart is essentially a 3 minute pop rock song, although it definitely doesn’t come across as average as that description sounds, parts of the song sound like a soundtrack to an 80’s video game on acid.

So flip the coin and we have The Merrow song which sounds like a track specifically written for the finish of an album although I very much suspect there was never any predetermined mentality behind the constructing of this track, it’s far too beautiful for that. It reminds me in parts of ’Butterfly’ by Weezer with fantastic strings and lyrics that feel completely genuine and delivered with precise passion.

It’s apparent right now that I’m sounding sycophantic but I can only be honest with my review, everything about these tracks screams a band who know exactly what they’re doing and what they are, but there also something innocent there that implies to me this could all just be a happy side effect of just simply being talented.

Listen: www.myspace.com/captaindangerous