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Oh Boy! (Single)

Cats And Cats And Cats

Firstly I really dislike this band’s name but I don’t have any reasoning behind this.

This is A: Irrelevant and B: The only negative thing I can say about this band or this release. Frankly it is amazing; it creates a massive sound whilst never relying on volume. The keyboard and violin add a massive twee factor to the sound giving it a less jerky feel than bands like Los Campesinos! without ever coming across in a pretentious manner in which some of their peers tread.

The vocals have a shaky feel to them and would be lost within the music of the majority of bands that inhibit this genre and mix amazingly with the haunting female vocals shown on the second track.

The third track made my heart sink when reading the inlay …… a remix? …… balls, but a remix by MaybeSheWill? YES! finally a well chosen band to use for such a task. All in all this is my favourite release of 2009 …. yes I realise it’s 2010, but I wrote this last year and my email provider is apparently shite.

Listen: www.myspace.com/catsandcatsandcats