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Attack of the Pitching Machine

Cats For Peru

Cats For Peru set out their manifesto early on their debut - the very first song, in fact.

‘Your internet-based opinions mean nothing to me - maybe they will, one day.’ It’s nice to know I have carte blanche without fear of offending someone. I found this album gripping, like a birthday attack of violent stomach cramp, followed by unwrapping the only present - a deluxe Top Gear DVD box set with pop-up heads of the Three Wanketeers. That talk. So, by turns dull, irritating and pompous, then. I Love You More Than Evolution may have a great title. Last Man In Europe may have worthy Orwell roots. Answers may be OK in a Doves-demo kind of way but these South American felines are unashamedly nothing to me. I doubt they will be, any time soon.

Listen: www.myspace.com/catsforperu