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Escaping Mankind

Charge Group

It would be all too easy to dismiss these four Aussies as derivative, ‘post-rock’ also-rans - especially if all you heard of them was the first three tracks on offer here.

Yet belay that twenty-first century must-have-now mentality. Neck your Ritalin, cook a chill grill, do whatever it takes to stick with this album until the wonderful Vice’d and its subsequent tracks - your ears will thank you.

How Charge Group have quite managed to meld just the right essences of Radiohead, Mogwai, the Flaming Lips and the Dirty Three into this, I have not the faintest kangaroo clue. However, they have and we should be truly grateful, even during their moments of early Coldplay. Speakeasy Death Song is damn near a masterpiece. See also The Contest. This is no Midnight Oil chopper-politick or Crowded House jamboree, just great tunes for those times of sunrise or sunset in your life.

Listen: www.myspace.com/chargegroup