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A. Or Not?


It’s not been long since Leeds based Chickenhawk released their debut album, but after much gigging and touring they have got another release out in a really short space of time.

Following on from said debut was always going to be interesting to listen to as the album ably demonstrated Chickenhawk’s ability to write cohesive but jarring and dynamic rock songs. Rock is probably the best description for the racket they make; mixing elements of so many styles and genres it would be a disservice to write them into any musical corner.

“I Hate This. Do You Like It?” opens up with spidery riffs and some sweet fuzzy guitars building up to the dancey but noisy main riff, bringing to mind old Unwound playing in a rundown disco, all the lights are off except for a few flickering neons and the sound keeps cutting.

The more jagged “Son Of Cern” follows; all rolling riffs and screams laid over rampaging drums.
“NASA Vs ESA” has already been available on the previous album but it is still an awesome, complex and catchy tune and a sweet space themed video.

Get the album, get this and then don’t expect to hear anything too obvious from them next.

Listen: www.myspace.com/chickenhawk