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Strawberry Swing (Single)


Honestly I’m a little confused as to why DSD should bother reviewing the monolith that is Coldplay.

I’m only writing this because it’s been knocking around on James list for a while and I feel a little bad at being entirely rubbish of late at writing things.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m one of those people that have no qualms about admitting I like Coldplay but I actually think tribes in New Guinea who have had no contact with the outside world, probably know who Coldplay are. As such they are a bit like the Titanic in an alternative universe where it didn’t play chicken with an iceberg. When you can get Jay-Z a man who’s grossed $35 million in the last year alone touring, to be your support, and have an iPhone game related to the single it pretty much renders anything I can actually say about the song obsolete.

However, Shynola has probably made himself the hottest music director around with the video which pays homage to Neil Buchanan’s Art Attack (it doesn’t directly say this but it bloody well should). Chris is a superhero who moves against a chalk background and battles a variety of animals such as a squirrel and catfish (quite where this fits in with the ethical message I don’t know… it is probably a grey squirrel though rather than a red one). I really can’t do it justice, you have to see it. Oh and the songs pretty good too.

James’ Note Just so all you lovely readers know, Matthew wrote this on his submission to me “Score = 8/10 (purely for the music video)” - but I can’t make it say that unfortunately!

Listen: www.myspace.com/coldplay