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Strawberry Swing (Single)


I would love to have been a fly on the wall when it was decided to release Strawberry Swing as a single.

I imagine it went something like this:

Proposer "Lets release Strawberry Swing as the 5th single from Viva La Vida."
Guy in meeting "Really?"
Proposer "Ya, why not if we chuck it out at the end of summer when the charts are dead it will sell a couple of copies and make a wedge of cash."
Guy in meeting 2 "But it’s an album track that most people will skip because it is really slow and the lyrics are like candy-floss!"
Guy in meeting "But, it does have that sort of world music vibe that goes down well at the end of the summer when everyone wants to be nostalgic about the summer."
Proposer "Now you’re talking and we can flog it with a nice animated, trippy music video."
Guy in meeting 2 "Well it really isn’t that bad it does have really nice production."
Proposer "It’s agreed then. Thank you very much gentlemen I will go and tell the band."

There is nothing really wrong with Strawberry Swing and Brian Eno’s production gives the song an interesting texture but this song drifts along like a late summer breeze and will be gone again just as quickly. The only reason to sit through this none event of a single is to watch the remarkable video that has been created to promote it, but for that just visit YouTube.

Listen: www.myspace.com/coldplay