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Nottingham Rock City


Nottingham on this July day is not how you would expect…It’s raining heavily, cold and depressing which, all things considered, is a pretty fitting backdrop for a show like today’s First up on the famous rock city stage are Londoners, Rainydayfuckparade, aptly named considering the weather outside.

Sounding a bit like the child of Mastodon and Burnt by the sun, they rip through their set with some fancy drumming and nicely looped guitars. The only downside was the statue-esque singer who sprung to life in the last song just in time to make love to one of the monitors, not literally of course. (6/10)

Next up are Animosity, who are clearly throwing their hat in the ring for title of “Scarily good drummer of the night” and so winning with inch perfect blast beats and fills so tight they made me weep. These guys rip, with solos akin to the late Pantera and death metal riffage to make The Red Chord feel ashamed, and if that wasn’t enough they are entertaining as well, despite the fact the singer looked a little bit like an informant from Miami Vice (The 80’s series not poor film of the same name) (7/10)

Our penultimate act of the night is Belgium hardcore superstars, Rise and Fall who tear into their energetic set dishing out a wall of hardcore noise over the Nottingham crowd who lap it up. Seemingly only on stage for a 20 minutes, Rise and Fall hammer their way through song after song of fast paced, unforgiving hardcore complete with crowd sing-a-longs and guitarist tumbles. All in all, one of the best live bands in Europe at the minute. (9/10)

And finally, Converge take the stage with a low key but killer start with “Weight of the World” before ripping through 40 minutes of highlights through their legendary back catalogue, touching as far back as The Poacher Diaries with “Locust Reign” and some Jane Doe classics in “Concubine” and “Fault and Fracture” but the majority of the set was songs from You Fail Me and their latest full length, No Heroes. One of the stand out factors was the ferocity that Converge play with. Every song was right on the button and accompanied by Kurt & Nate’s flailing guitars, manic drums and aggressive vocals from Jacob Bannon. Rounding off a near perfect set nicely with the epic “You Fail Me” and landing my tag of band of the night and also one of the best live bands I’ve seen in a long while. (10/10)