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Like Gum In Your Hair

Count Your Blessings

Count Your Blessings take a modern approach to punk-pop, marking a shift away from the Drive-Thru bands, and fit nicely into the current crop of artists who are finding popularity amongst the MTV youth.

The album title is a strange choice; while representing something is ‘catchy’ it also has mostly negative connotations, something the band does not want to be associated with. Unfortunately for Count Your Blessings while not being as bad as getting gum in your hair, their album is far easier to get out of your head, in fact it will be gone very shortly after listening to it.

Like Gum In Your Hair is not a particularly bad album, it does almost exactly what someone would expect a modern pop-punk album to do. It aims more towards the pop side; it has some decent hooks and lyrics that teenagers were written about them. In fact, LGIYH starts strongly, album opener Coming Back to You is a bound to be a crowd pleaser, getting the balance between catchiness and musical merit just right. And while The Way You Move may not match the immediacy of the first track; it is certainly a good song with a strong chorus. However, the album begins to show its weakness in the next couple of songs, an inability to write a consistently strong track. Fell For This has a great solo, but is constantly let-down every time the chorus rolls around.

There are strengths to this album as well however. Count Your Blessings have a distinctive sound, with a crunchy, distorted guitar tone and Judson Mattingly clearly has one of the better voices in the genre. Tore Up actually manages to be a great song and have an ironic charm about it that places it as the strongest song on the album. However, ultimately, one ends up feeling slightly disappointed by LGIYH, it promised much, but while being a good purchase for fans of this genre, it will not do much to differentiate Count Your Blessings from other bands who play a similar brand of pop-punk.

Listen: www.myspace.com/cyblessings