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The Losing Game (Single)

Crafty Simian

There’s no PR bumf with this CD, and to be honest I can’t really be bothered to go searching for their (no doubt enthralling) story, but from the tune you can make a fair stab at who and where this bunch take their cues from.

It opens with a fairly old school Green Day type punk rock riff, which then merges pretty quickly into a more playful Libertines-esque guitar line, riding high up in the mix (Imagine something similar to the start of Don’t Look Back Into the Sun, but played throughout the entire tune). As for the vocals, there’s an occasional Arctic Monkeys-like inflection on the chorus vocals, but mostly it’s nasally and Northern, like Jello Biafra attempting a Shaun Ryder impression.

There’s a strange amalgam of surfpunk and cowpunk towards the end with a surprise slide guitar break, which piqued my interest, but unfortunately not enough to dig any deeper.

Listen: www.myspace.com/craftysimian