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Full Circle


Despite certain track titles, this album does not contain covers of songs originally by Billy Ocean, The Cult or Pink Floyd.

It is a new, post-reformation Creed album and, as such, you should know what you’re getting; a Stadium Rock sound larger than Disneyland, with every song containing a sing-along chorus which punches you in the face until you join in. Creed are often compared to Pearl Jam and the two bands are similar - in the same way that a print from Ikea is like a Picasso masterpiece. The ‘Jam have a few bona fide classic rock-abouts but they can get a bit ‘weird’, can’t they? There’s no such fear from Creed.

You simply cannot imagine any of these songs being played in anything smaller than a baseball enormo-dome - and even one of those may not be big enough to contain the likes of Bread of Shame or On My Sleeve. Lighters could be held aloft throughout any of these tracks, only Health and Safety laws have advanced a bit since Creed last had an album out. You may be pleased to hear that the band have not advanced in the slightest.

Listen: www.myspace.com/creed