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Village Underground, London Sat 22nd August 2009

Crystal Fighters

Two bare-chested men stand before the crowd in London’s cavernous Village Underground.

As they bask in the glow of the lights it could be a scene celebrating the sun were it not for the synthetics, in a collision of nature and technology - one toys with his laptop which projects pulsating beats, while the other pounds frantically on his wooden glockenspiel contraption.

Within minutes they are joined by the other three band members that complete Crystal Fighters as the East End, Spanish-American-English amalgam bring forth the revelry. Though the bands who share the bill at this Warehouse Party tonight are of a heavier persuasion, Crystal Fighters make for an energetic set as singers Laure and Sebastian command attention with I Love London and I Do This Every Day.

The heat in the venue swells before too long as the crowd melt under the band’s tropical, basque blended melodies, house and dark beats.

The sounds roam wild with set finale, Xtatic Truth as the lyrics ring out against the walls, “Everybody all alone…be alone forever” a contrast considering it’s something tonight’s audience (gathered in music unity) won’t be doing for a while, or a good few hours at least.

Listen: www.myspace.com/crystalfighters