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Cue The Moon

This album has been stuck in my car stereo for God knows how long, and I still have no idea how the songs go.

That’s the great thing about Cue The Moon, it appears that each song is a different project for the band and whilst most songs don’t adhere to the common rule of a band; that there should (?) be an interlinking style between songs, there is a “whatever goes” attitude all over this album. Not in a Zappa “record people talking unawares” kind of way, but in a progressive “What if we do this?” manner.

A personal highlight is the song “Skin A Devil” which starts off in an off kilter beat, with loads of sweeping vocal effects and has a brilliant guitar workout,...this riff could have played over and over and was just shy of 11 (you can always go one louder). The epic “Owner Revisited”, which was the defining moment for me as it’s a big prog blowout. These guys’ better wear capes live or I will be severely disappointed. The only lowpoint is the song “Genevieve”, which was just a bit dull, nice strings and solo, but just waited for it to end.

The exhaustive list of influences on the press release is just a toe in the ocean and to name some would do be an injustice to the listener. You should go into this album with no expectations. If you like sweeping strings, riffs, organs, ebow’s......I’d say prog-lite (have I just coined a term?) and music in general you will appreciate Cue The Moon. Apart from Grindcore fans, there’s nothing here for you to see.

I have just noticed that Cue The Moon are unsigned...this is a crime. I’m giving bonus sympathy points for that injustice.

Listen: www.myspace.com/qthemoon