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Cherryade/Credibility (Single)

Cut Glass Accent

Cut Glass Accent have definitely picked right in choosing Cherryade as the A-side to this CD single.

This is a song to be played loud, with a fuzzy guitar line working all the time in the background to add a wall of sound to this single. The vocalist, Chris Bradley, has a surprisingly soft voice that contrasts nicely with the frantic feel of the song. Cherryade is a great song, pure and simple.

Unfortunately, B-side Credibility is not as good, in fact it is not really close to it. This time the band opts for a ‘chunky’ riff, with some truly bizarre lyrics and lyrical delivery throughout the song. The song is saved somewhat by a memorable outro chorus and a Reuben-esque solo but it still falls a long way short of being comparable to the A-side.

If Cut Glass Accent can produce an album of songs as good as Cherryade it would seem only inevitable that they would achieve some success, yet it could be inconsistent song writing, as showcased on Credibility, that makes that success take longer to arrive than it should.

Listen: www.myspace.com/cutglassaccent